A root cellar that has charm and quality! - Revonia

A root cellar that has charm and quality!

Floor area _ 11,7 m2

This cellar is both eye-catching and cozy. The floor space is 11.7 m2 and furnished for storing all kinds of valuable goods.

Revonia offers a wide range of prefabricated concrete cellars. Our cross vaulted units consist of modules you can combine freely in multiple ways , giving you as much space as needed. We also do interior design to match the desired function, whether it’s a root cellar, sauna, garage or just a space for chilling out.

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    Chamber with an entryway

    Chamber with an entryway

    Arched vault | 11,7 m2

    Additional chamber

    Additional chamber

    Arched vault | 9,7 m2

    Hexagonal chamber

    Hexagonal chamber

    Domical vault | 4,5 m2

    Cross vault module

    Cross vault module

    Cross vault | 10,2 m2

    Using only four modules you can construct vaulted structures from 4.5 m2 up to hundreds of square meters. Read more on our technology page.

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