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Custom concrete modules


Hidden beneath the surface of the bustling world, lies the gem of accommodation options – the underground house. In a world filled with ordinary, it dares to be extraordinary.
Like a secret oasis, it offers a unique and immersive experience, where the traditional meets the avant-garde. These hidden retreats provide a sanctuary away from the noise, where you can focus, recharge, and find inspiration in the depths of innovation.
It’s where you uncover the true meaning of exclusivity, where your senses come alive in spaces designed to inspire. A reminder that the world still holds secrets waiting to be discovered.
Also, to the owner – our options are surprisingly energy-efficient.
Everyone can buy a square shaped modular house, place it in the middle of a forest and call it a hotel. Do you dare to be better?

Benefits of going modular with us

  • Carefree life - no roofs that leak, no exterior walls that need painting
  • Energy efficient - stable temperatures even on vacant times thanks to geothermal heating
  • One day installation - grow your business even on the high season time
  • Unique experience - stand out from the others with the underground options
  • Environment friendly - modules last up to 100+ year while having a small CO2 footprint
  • Turnkey solutions - when the modules reach the location they are ready-to-go
  • Experience - after done 1200 projects we have the answers to even the toughest questions

Our previous partners include

  • Accomodation businesses - hotels, hostels, Airbnb´s
  • Restaurants, preparation kitchens, bars
  • Nature hospitalities, off-grid businesses
  • Ski resorst, golf courses, ammusement parks
  • Farms, vineyards, breweries, production and storage facilities
  • Real estate developers and arhitects
  • Defence contractors

Quick look at the process


Begin by visualizing how the concept will be in terms of size, placement 
and requirements. Then simply sketch the modules on to a paper and 
send it to us for a price inquire. Or visit us with you idea! We have several
sample options to see and feel at our factory and our team of specialists will
happily guide you through the process to having your own house.


All our products are made in Estonia. The necessary components 
like doors, electrical systems, windows and pipes are integrated into the 
constructional elements of the modules during the manufacturing process. 
Our management and manufacturing system have also 
been certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and the standards for prefabricated
concrete elements. Our average manufacturing time is 6-8 weeks.


As long as we prepare the modules – it is recommended to 
already carry out the necessary preparations for its arrival. 
Quick installation is ensured by a properly sized hole 
that is level and built according to instructions.


The prefabricated modules are discretely transported to your location and installation on-site only takes 1-2 days.
After that the only thing left to do is to cover the modules 
with soil.


It’s that simple! The very next day you can start enjoying your 
new house. We offer a 5-year warranty for concrete module 
structures installed according to our conditions and instructions.

Calculate your potential earnings


Cross vault residential building in Pärnu

A building that couriers can't find. The 130 m² residential building located on the banks of the Pärnu River is designed for year-round living. According to the owner, the underground life is quieter, calmer, and much more energy efficient compared to the previous home. In addition, the building has a sauna, the walls of which store heat and the steam experience is unprecedented. You can see an episode of Nurgakivi's show about this home here!

Silma retreat

Silma Retreat, located near Haapsalu, offers an opportunity to break away from the routine of everyday life. It's the perfect place to get out into nature without giving up the luxuries of the city. The underground 44 m² house is designed to blend in with nature. This often brings various wild animals to explore the terrace of the house. In addition, the building is connected to a unique wine cellar. More information here!

Apukka Resort – Kammi Family accommodations

Underground accommodations that are full of character and equipped with all amenities - in Finland, Lapland. "Kammi" means partially underground house in Finnish, which are historically popular all over Lapland. More information here!

Apukka Resort – Kammi Suites accommodations

Very popular and unique accommodations in Finland, Lapland. Luxuriously furnished warm nests with direct views of the northern lights from the skylight window. It is definitely an experience that you can never get enough of. More information here!

Darkroom, experience accommodation

Dark, dead silent, time seems to stand still. This is exactly what it feels like to be in a dark room, where you go to meet your true self, and it is considered an important ritual toward spirituality. We also helped to create one of these rooms. Because where would it be calmer and darker than under the ground? An experience worth trying!

Kingfischer Holiday Cottage

The Kingfischer accommodation in England may seem small at first, but thanks to smart interior solutions, it contains all the necessary amenities for a successful vacation. The outdoor hot tub adds spice to the stay. More information here!

All your technical needs are covered

revonia vaulted structure 1

Chamber with an entryway

Arched vault | 11,7 m²

revonia vaulted structure 2

Additional chamber

Arched vault | 9,7 m²

revonia vaulted structure 3

Hexagonal chamber

Domical vault | 4,5 m²

revonia vaulted structure 4

Cross vault module

Cross vault | 10.2 m²

Using only four modules you can construct vaulted structures from 4.5 m² up to hundreds of square meters. Read more on our technology page.