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Smart and invisible storage
solution – Smartlift


Smart and safe

A vault that opens with a combination of numbers and biometrics emerges as if by magic from the ground. The safety features prevent children from accidentally opening and closing the storage space, and safety sensors ensure that the up and down movement is unhindered.



Your secret treasure room can be hidden in the kitchen, bedroom, anteroom of the sauna, on the terrace, or even emerge from a flower bed. When closed, the storage remains unnoticeable to strangers, and the exterior can be adapted to any environment.



Inconspicuously and in just 40 seconds, it is possible to effectively bring your favorite drinks or valuables to the ground. At the same time, storing them in near-ideal underground conditions on a daily basis while ensuring their immediate enjoyment and long-term preservation.


Energy efficient

The stable temperature in the ground and the conditions created there make it possible to store things in a stable environment with low energy costs.

1. Open Sesame!

Why go to the cellar when it can come to the earth itself? In a Smartlift, you can create a wine cellar, a storage compartment, a gun cabinet, a safe, a chamber of valuables, a sound system, a tasting corner, or an art exhibition. There are no limits to the possibilities!

2. Wide range of designs

You can find a wide selection of different materials and design solutions for vaults created for both indoor and outdoor conditions.

3. Security sensors

The lift is equipped with optical security sensors. These ensure that the up-down movement is free of obstacles and that items both inside and outside of the lift will stay safe.

4. Just the right conditions

Wines require cool, weapons need dry and valuables prefer warm? In Smartlift’s durable caisson, you can create exactly the kind of underground conditions you need.

5. Quality that lasts

The high-quality and durable construction ensures that the stored items are safely protected from external influences and that the experience for the user is as simple, comfortable, and reliable as possible.

A weapon cabinet better than James Bond's!

Protect your family and gear with a Smartlift underground gun cabinet!

This safe is designed to provide the ultimate in security for your gear and ensures that the stored items are hidden from children and intruders. The underground conditions are designed for long-term storage of weapons and equipment and for quick and convenient access if necessary.

The gun cabinet rises from the ground only when the owner’s PIN code is entered, and it is also possible to add multi-level protection.

The unique and highly advanced gun cabinet system is constructed from the highest quality materials to ensure maximum durability and long-lasting protection.

With Smartlift, you can be sure that your firearms are always within reach in case of an emergency, while they are kept safely out of the way of everyday life.

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