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Custom concrete modules

Looking for custom shaped concrete elements? 
Look no further!

We can manufacture elements in large and small quantities.

Often times it is easier, cheaper and quicker to complete your project with prefabricated concrete elements. Because concrete can take quite a while to achieve its strength on-site then that means other jobs that need to be done after the curing process are on hold.
We have the capabilities and the know-how to produce high-quality concrete elements for private and public building sector.

A few examples of the work we have done

Vaulted modules

Need to house the electrical system of a solar park or create a silent water filtration system room for your pool? Consider our unfinished bare concrete modular solution for that! In many cases, it is cheaper, quicker, more waterproof, and an overall better option to hide ugly construction elements - underground.


A durable and reliable solution that prevents the vehicle from penetrating through the roadblock. Made from the highest quality materials, our roadblocks are designed to withstand heavy impacts and provide maximum safety. They can be easily installed, removed as needed, and customized to meet specific needs. Let Revonia help keep your assets safe. We offer a variety of road barrier types including 'Bollard', 'Jersey Barrier', 'K-Rail' and 'Dragon's Teeth'.


Need to add a durable and moisture-proof surrounding to your technical solution? We can make square or round-shaped caisson systems to protect your valuables.

Building blocks

We can make different kinds of elements for the building sector. We prefer custom-made and non-standard shapes that others do not mass manufacture.