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clever and unobtrusive

Why go underground to the basement when the basement can come above ground by itself?!

For storing drinks and groceries, or as a safe deposit box: choose where you want your temperature-controlled storeroom to be; and with your saved number combination, it will magically appear out of the ground.

Smartlift: applications

Wine cellar

For the storage and enjoyment of beverages that require special treatment at a stable temperature.


The most convenient and modern solution for traditional food storage.

Home office

The latest solution in the era of home offices and remote working gives you the power to switch off at the touch of a button and send work and the office underground.

Outdoor kitchen

A unique arched home kitchen for cooking and cosy gatherings.


Anything that needs a safe storage space is carefully stored and protected here.

Storage facility for vehicles and hobby equipment

Even the most special horsepower is ready and content in a weatherproof stable.

Hobby or games room

Warning! This might become the favourite place for your entire family. Curved ceilings make games more fun too.

Ceiling lift storage

Down or up, there’s plenty of room to go either way and controlling it is a pure joy.

Smartlift M storeroom

Stable storage for drinks and food, or simply a safe storage solution: as Smartlift’s larger storeroom does not require much above-ground space, it can also be suitable for wherever an ordinary basement would not fit.

The set includes

  • a below-ground lift system, a control panel with a code lock, automation, safety sensors, painted metal or wooden shelving, integrated RGB LED light modules on the inside of outer posts and a ventilation system
  • a waterproof insulated caisson and a rainwater drainage pipe (outdoor version)
Above-ground height
190 cm
Below-ground depth
250 cm
Below-ground width
170 cm
Below-ground length
170 cm
Storeroom dimensions
100 x 100 x 180 cm (width × depth × height)
Storeroom volume
1800 l
Max weight of stored items
750 kg
Operating conditions
throughout the year –20 °C...+30 °C
Smartlift XS storeroom

A dynamic storage shelf for cooling drinks, food etc. It’s the perfect solution when space is at a premium and you want your storage unit to blend in with the surroundings. With the remote control, you can raise the storeroom from below ground to a height that suits you. You can customise the finishing and lighting solutions.

The set includes

  • a waterproof caisson, below-ground lift system, control panel, 1 storeroom with shelving, roof module, LED lights on the inside of the outer posts, operating manual
  • special requests and customisations
Above-ground height
90 cm
Below-ground depth
120 cm
Storeroom volume
50 l (12 bottles)
Max weight of stored items
25 kg
Operating conditions
throughout the year –20 °C...+30 °C
Below-ground diameter
26 cm
Standard colours
stainless steel
Number of shelves

Smartlift: a smart and unobtrusive storeroom

Choose the location and size

Smartlift is a dynamic storeroom that you can use to safely store drinks and food both indoors and outdoors.

You can easily install a mobile basement in your backyard, on your terrace, etc.

In addition to the size of the storeroom, you can select the right shelving and lighting solution.

Simple, convenient and unobtrusive

A remote-controlled lift brings the basement conveniently to ground level.

When closed, the storeroom is invisible to outsiders. Fully customisable exterior.

Safe storage conditions

Your belongings stored in the Smartlift are safely protected underground from both extreme weather conditions and unwanted visitors.

You can open and close the storeroom only with your personal code.

Saving energy and preserving nature

The Smartlift conserves the environment because no extra energy is needed to heat and cool the storeroom.

The uniform temperature in the ground makes it possible to store in a stable environment for a long time without major fixed costs.


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