Cellar, sauna, hobbit house or garden house – whatever you need!


A distinguished history

In Ancient Rome vaulted buildings were irreplaceable and held in high regard, this was also where cross-vault construction was invented. In Estonia, vaulted buildings have been constructed for almost ten centuries. Even when time has not been kind to the buildings, the vaulted stone cellars still firmly stand in all their glory. The construction of vaulted buildings has become increasingly rare these days, as there’s a lack of craftsmen with the necessary knowledge. Our mission is to revive and develop this distinguished and resilient tradition.

Time is priceless

We value your time. We deliver your custom-made building in just two weeks. Installation takes no more than a day. Revonia’s vaults will last a century and require minimal care. For you, the process is extremely simple, so that you could focus on what really matters – time – be it with family, hobbies, work or leisure.