Revonia’s hobbit house technology is timeless and modern.

Hobbit house technology

Endless and fashionable

The technology of Revonia’s vaults is unique. We have studied old vaulted cellars, which have given us the opportunity to learn from past building masters. We have incorporated their knowledge into building our vaults, developed it further and brought it together with contemporary construction techniques and materials.

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Drawings and assembly examples

Hexagonal chamber

Domed vault | 4,5 m2

The hexagonal module can be used both individually and attached to other modules. View assembly examples

Download drawings and assembly examples

Chamber with an entryway

Arched vault | 11,7 m2

The entryway can be located along the longer or shorter wall of the chamber. View assembly examples

Download drawings and assembly examples

Additional chamber

Arched vault | 9,7 m2

The additional chamber allows for expansion. View assembly examples

Download drawings and assembly examples

Cross vault module

Cross vault | 10,2 m2

Cross vault modules can be attached to one another along both the longer and shorter side. Both the longer and shorter cross vaulted modules can be left open or have windows and doors installed. View assembly examples

Download drawings and assembly examples

Just as spacious as you need

Our arched vaulted units are made of three different modules. The smallest with a hexagonal floor surface of 4.5 m2. The entryway and the additional chamber module with rectangular floor surface to create an even larger 11.7 m2 space. The ceiling height of the modules is 2.5 m.

You can choose from these modules to construct a space just as big as you need. The modular rectangular units can be attached to each other, along both the longer and shorter sides, and also combined with the hexagonal module.

Our cross vaulted units are made of base modules with 10.2 m2 of floor surface and 2.7 m2 of ceiling height. They can be closed up or left open on all sides in order to attach the modules to one another, to install windows and doors to the building or leave it open altogether. It is possible to connect arched vault modules and cross vault modules.

Arched and cross vault modules can be attached to one another. The possibilities are endless – you can construct a nice sauna, a distinguished wine cellar or a party and leisure room with great atmosphere and just the right size, character and design for you.

See some examples we have already built to get an even better idea.

Advantages of our technology

The speed and comfort of installing

  • We can install your new cellar, sauna or other vaulted buildings on your property within one day.
  • We install the modules and cover with topsoil on site.
  • There is no need to build a foundation. The building comes with an integrated slab foundation.
  • We can install it exactly where you want it, damp or wet soil is not an issue.
  • We are careful not to damage your garden during installation. For transporting items over cultivated grass we use hard mats that won’t damage your lawn.
  • We offer a full interior service design as well as solutions where the interior design is left to you.

Energy efficient and eco-friendly

  • Made of reinforced concrete and guaranteed to last many generations.
  • A facade covered in topsoil needs no extra care.
    By insulating the building with PUR-foam and topsoil we achieve an almost zero net energy solution.
  • The building has a subterranean or geothermal ventilation system and to guarantee a stable temperature, level of humidity and ventilation the building uses the passive energy of the ground.
  • We use natural materials in the interior design.

Indoor climate and usability

  • Vaulted ceilings guarantee great air circulation.
  • Our walls are finished with lime plaster with a sterilising effect. Lime deters mould and fungi.
  • Our solid wooden doors are hand-crafted with swallowtail support beams and forged joints, handles and latches.
  • Windows can be installed according to your needs.


Using only four modules you can construct vaulted structures from 4.5 m2 up to hundreds of square meters. Read more on our technology page.

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