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Press release: Estonian company Revonia will start manufacturing Bomb shelters.

Today, the Estonian company Revonia announced that it has launched a bomb shelter with a new concept, which is designed and manufactured in Estonia and has great potential in the business and private customer protection sector.

The Revonia bomb shelter differs from a standard bunker-type facility because it is a modular solution. The concrete modules can be turned and placed as desired and thereby create small or large shelters.

The installation is also different from the usual shelter construction. Installation of the complete shelter takes 1-2 days at the destination. The modules and their interior have been finished in the company’s Vääna factory, and on-site they have to be lifted into place, connected together and covered with soil.

The reinforced concrete modules will be covered by soil, and the facility will contain a number of defense mechanisms thanks to which it will offer a high level of protection: against radiation, nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, bombs, grenades or riots.

The price of the standard package starts from 74,000 euros and it can accommodate one medium-sized family. According to the representative of the company, it is also possible to create rooms with an area of up to 500 m2. It can also be connected to an existing house. Underground rooms can be furnished in a modern way and used as an everyday part of the home in peacetime, for example, a sound studio, a wine cellar, a room for watching movies or even as a guest bedroom.

“After installation, the entrances to the underground shelter can be hidden, and the existence of the shelter remains a mystery to onlookers. This was also one of the main conditions from the German customers, who wanted the installation as discreet and fast as possible,” says the company’s CEO Rauno Oja.

Oja adds: “Revonia has produced concrete modules before. In more than 10 years of operation, we have produced and installed more than 1,200 underground projects. Most of them are earth cellars, cave saunas and underground houses consisting of modules. But unfortunately, due to the current tense world order, we also developed a bomb shelter production line.”

Bomb shelter modules and fittings are manufactured in Estonia, air cleaning systems in Switzerland, and chemical and explosive-resistant components in Finland. The shades are initially aimed at the German, Austrian, Swiss and Czech markets.

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