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Press release: A unique product – Smartlift – was launched in Estonia

Today, the Estonian company Revonia announced that it has developed a new product called Smartlift, which is designed and manufactured in Estonia and has great potential in the field of lifting equipment. It is a modern storage space solution intended for both business and private customers. What makes the storage space special is that it is hidden under the floor surface and rises from there with the help of an electric motor.

Revonia, which has been operating for over 10 years, has until now been known as a manufacturer of earth cellars, cave saunas and modular houses with vaulted ceilings. Due to the increased demand, the company decided to start developing a solution that would be suitable for places where there is less space and where their existing concrete modular solutions do not fit.

It is an elevator system hidden underground and under the floor surface, which is discreetly hidden from everyday life. By entering the correct combination of numbers on the code lock, it activates the elevator, and after 40 seconds, the valuables stored underground are safely lifted to the ground. The advantage of underground storage is that the environment there is naturally cooler, and no extra energy is needed daily to store items in the elevator. If desired, it is also possible to keep the underground environment warmer or drier than the living space. The total time required for the installation of the elevator is 1-2 days. At the moment, the company focuses on furnishing wine racks and minibars, but has also developed a special gun cabinet model aimed specifically at the US market. The company plans to make the following models with valuables, sound systems, art exhibitions and security room furnishings.

“We are very excited about coming to the market, because we have already received a lot of positive feedback during the development period. So it is expected to find a place in many homes. Since the interest in the product has been greater than expected, we hope that we will be able to produce the orders without extending the delivery time,” said Rauno Oja, CEO of Revonia OÜ.

According to Revonia’s marketing manager Erich Kivi, it is already possible to try assembling the Smartlift that suits you on their website. “You can choose between different materials, styles and designs. Compare them with each other and then also download the suitable models priceoffer.”

According to Oja, the company’s growth plan foresees that in the first year it is planned to produce and deliver 100 Smartlift solutions. Most of it is planned for export to the European and US markets, but it is believed that about 20 pieces will also find installation in Estonia.