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Underground peace of mind.

In the old days, it was customary for every house to have a cellar under it, for different purposes. Either for storage, tinkering, or just for spare space.

Today, however, basements are not planned for new houses. This is for the simple reason that fresh food and drink comes from the store, not from your own farm, and everything you need can be quickly purchased at the store counter, stored in the refrigerator, and the necessary bicycles and snow shovels can be stored in the shed above the yard.

Another big reason why basements are no longer part of many new developments is that they are large, unventilated, and unheated spaces that reduce the building’s energy efficiency and add up to a noticeable amount in the homeowner’s budget. In addition, the initial construction of the basement is also a costly undertaking considering its purpose – to store things.

But this simple space has mysteriously held something throughout the time that cannot be measured in money. It’s peace of mind. A simple sense of security that lets you sleep peacefully at night.

In the local grocery store, the refrigerator failed, in the middle of baking a cake, you find out that the sugar is out, you are sick and can’t leave the house, the car breaks down, the storm caused a power outage, the grocery store with delivery problems is empty, the summer agricultural products still can’t fit in the room, or the minus degrees froze the water pipe away?
When such things happen, we always say “oh we could have…” and we regret that we didn’t do something earlier.

But by putting in just a little effort, creating spares, saving, stocking wisely, and then updating your stocks every few months, you can be ready for such cases. One reasonable way of storing stocks is ours – Revonia cellars.

Without changing the construction of the house, it can be installed in just a few days and with very favorable maintenance costs, it is possible to create an eye-catching underground cellar under the soil layer, which you can call your own – underground peace of mind.

Safely protected within the earth’s crust, the place works by itself, is stable, and designed to last from generation to generation – containing all the modern conveniences to protect you from the unpredictable.