Have a wonderful sauna – in a unique Revonia sauna!


A sauna that is suitable for both houses in the city and countryside.

To be able to say you know what a good sauna is, you really must have one in your backyard. Revonia’s saunas work up a good steam and the process of installing a ready-to-use sauna in your backyard only takes a day. The sauna can be installed entirely underground or into a hillside so that one wall can be fitted with windows.



Finnish sauna

A sauna with especially refreshing steam where the vaulted ceiling lets the steam circulate more evenly. In a sauna it is extremely important that everything that touches the body is natural and this is exactly what the interior of Revonia’s saunas is like. A cellar to a sauna? Yes, it is an amazing sauna! As the layer of topsoil retains the heat, it can even be good to go the following day.

Smoke sauna

Smoke saunas are an especially distinguished type of sauna, as the smoke sauna tradition is in the UNESCO list of intangible heritage. Why? Because it’s just so great and it is especially relaxing to sit in the steam room with a vaulted ceiling that distributes the steam equally throughout the space, so that sauna-goers get a nice massage in a good wet heat. It is common knowledge that if you have Revonia’s smoke sauna in your backyard, you can relax because it needs no maintenance. The sauna will last for many generations.


Using only four modules you can construct vaulted structures from 4.5 m2 up to hundreds of square meters. Read more on our technology page.